Thursday, April 24, 2008

"We love Rihanna. It's very cool. Syria is very cool."

On the new "racy" radio talk shows in Syria.

Honey Sayed, one of the show's hosts, is pretty exotified in this article - despite the fact that she's doing exactly what female radio DJs in America do every morning. Is it more ethnocentric to judge her according to "traditional Syrian standards", by which she may be considered exotic, or to treat her like any other female radio DJ?

I guess I think that the story could have been just as good without the emphasis on how "sexy" and "racy" she is. For example, on her signature bubbly laugh:

Her unrestrained laugh is even used for promos. "A guy called me up and said he wished he could make my laugh his ring tone," Honey says, before rushing back into the studio.

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