Friday, April 18, 2008

on sharing a kitchen with a hippy

This is a hilarious article in Time magazine about what it's like to live with someone who sets a ceiling on flushing the toilet and wants a compost heap.

The message - that hippies, in addition to helping the environment, think they are cool - isn't anything groundbreaking. Just because some people think that conservation is cool doesn't negate the positive impact of treating the environment with a little respect; finding hippies obnoxious will not slow the depletion of the ozone layer.

However, I lived with a hippy. When I was in Jordan I lived with two other girls, one of whom would not use water to wash the dishes. The other girl and I finally asked her not to wash the dishes at all because it was useless. And I had a broken thumb at the time and could only wash with one hand. So, since my friend (the other dish-washer) sent it on to me, I had to post it.

Good luck starting your own compost heap.

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