Monday, April 21, 2008

“Thinking about race is a serious issue, whereas sexism is just something for dumb feminists to think about.”

New York Magazine has a piece on Hillary Clinton and "fourth-wave" feminism. It sounds a little bit like the "fourth wave", as this writer understands it, is a revival of the second wave, but maybe that's just because Hillary's challenges are second-wave challenges. I didn't think her tongue-in-cheek of the word "gendered", like it would open her to mocking, was all that funny but it's a decent recount of "how women feel" about the whole Hillary thing.

Of course, talking about how "women" feel more or less spits in the face of third wave feminism in this case - the author continues to refer in her piece to so-called "water cooler conversations", clearly envisioning a professional woman when she talks about a feminist reawakening. I just hope that any feminist revival that comes in the wake of a Hillary candidacy or a Hillary presidency doesn't push out those groups of women for whom PowerPoint isn't a daily requirement.

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