Wednesday, July 2, 2008

on Queen Rania

Newsweek profiles Queen Rania of Jordan. A teaser:

Rania is glamorous, brainy and not afraid of a little controversy.
So, um ... it's a pretty flattering piece.


Isabel said...

"To relax, the queen likes to drive her four-wheel-drive Mercedes around Amman: 'I pop in a CD and zone out,' she says."

Apparently the environment isn't on her list of things to save...

Susan said...

as queen, it's possible that she simply doesn't have the time or energy to adopt every cause as her own.

however, i think she should make time to take a stroll through wild jordan []
and learn about the consequences of her actions.

Anonymous said...

CHILL OUT, you two! As queen, the poor thing has absolutely NO freedom, so she probably does very little driving around, plus she's so BUSY with her causes! (I bet she doesn't drive EVERYDAY, like us ordinary people...) About "taking a stroll through the wild," that would be UNALLOWABLE for a queen, who's security is tightly scrutinized... hmm... and we though "curfew" was bad... it's more like being locked up forever, for good... glad I'm NOT in her shoes!