Sunday, June 1, 2008

Back from Italy, here with a fluff article

Missed you, little blog!

And the universe conspired to give me some lovely media nuggets. Several op-eds about the Middle East, women and feminism are forthcoming, but first, my home state of New Hampshire was ranked No. 2 in the NYT's list of top 31 vacation destinations for the summer. (That is a beautiful NH vista on the left).

Those of you lucky enough to grow up in California or New York or Cape Cod may find this excitement a little silly, but I went through four years of college hearing people express confusion whenever I told them that I grew up in the Granite State. "Where is that?" they would say. "Is that next to Vermont?" I attended college outside Chicago - not exactly the backwoods.

Thank you NYT for recognizing New Hampshire!

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Anonymous said...

You're the lucky one, Susan - and there is more to appreciate in New Hampshire than its bike trails. But I don't need to tell you that!
Love your blog! It's the first one I have ever visited! I will check regularly for articles for my adult ed course, Global Human Rights.
Debby Kanner