Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mike Huckabee

First was the denial of Medicaid reimbursement to a fifteen year old who was raped by her stepfather. Then it was advocating quarantine for people with AIDS.

What does it take to know that a person is not fit to be president? Does he have to actually commit a hate crime?

It's really sort of sad to think that ignorance has become an asset in a campaign - what must the Democrats be doing to make Mike Huckabee look like a great potential leader? I heard a talk recently on the state of the Democratic party, and the consensus seemed to be that Democrats haven't been the same since they championed the Civil Rights movement. I hope that's wrong - it would be pretty depressing, not to mention unkind to most American voters. It would be nice to think that most Americans are not racist. Of course, the argument was more complex than that - "Republicans are the racist party" could take up an hour and a half, but I couldn't have sat through it - but it is interesting that taking a stand on an issue like civil rights could have consequences for 50 years and longer. What is more perplexing is how Christianity could end up as the opposite to civil rights ... which I don't think anyone claiming to be Christian or Republican or both would get behind.

Something to chew on.

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